Autonomous Laser Scanning Module


BLK ARC is an autonomous laser scanning module for robots. It can be integrated with robotic carriers to enable autonomous mobile laser scanning.

BLK ARC on Boston Dynamics Spot
BLK ARC Sensor
Boston Dynamics SPOT with U-Bar

Our first robotic carrier is the Boston Dynamics Spot robot. Spot combined with BLK ARC delivers fully autonomous and repeatable scan missions.

Capture 3D point clouds and panoramic imagery while Spot carries BLK ARC through an environment.


BLK ARC combined with Boston Dynamics Spot creates a fast, simple, safe, and autonomous reality capture workflow.

Chart your scan path remotely using existing drawings or BIM models of your building, including large and complex spaces.

BLK ARC and Spot will complete the mission autonomously.

Once your mission is complete, your data is ready to use.

Take the Autonomous Journey With US

The BLK ARC is a versatile laser scanning module that can work with multiple different types of robotic carriers.

The first BLK ARC units will ship on October 28, 2021.

BLK ARC starts at 38'000€/$USD 46,000, which includes accessories and software: Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 BLK Edition and Premier Access to HxDR

Want to connect BLK ARC’s LiDAR and imaging capabilities to your robot or take your first step towards autonomous realty capture? Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you directly to discuss your needs.