The BLK ARC is designed to help professionals across many industries worldwide. It adds a level of autonomy and integrated scanning that boosts productivity, eliminates extra work, and helps robotic carriers navigate terrain on their own.

Buildings & Infrastructure

Documenting site conditions on a daily, routine basis can be time-consuming and repetitive, but BLK ARC makes the job easy, fast, and fully autonomous.
Leica BLK ARC at work
Leica BLK ARC at work


To document structures and environments in hazardous or inconvenient environments, like underground mines, BLK ARC is the tool of choice as you can plan scans remotely and let it scan on its own.

Industrial & Plant

To perform reality capture of complex structures and environments, BLK ARC is ideal; with SPOT, it autonomously scans and navigates through plants and facilities.
Leica BLK ARC at work


Capturing utility infrastructure, complexes, and facilities with BLK ARC provides an easy to use and fully autonomous robotic reality capture workflow with minimal hands-on work required.

Take the autonomous journey with us

The first BLK ARC units will ship on October 28, 2021.

BLK ARC starts at 38'000€/$USD 46,000, which includes accessories and software: Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 BLK Edition and Premier Access to HxDR

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